The Myths and Facts About Compression Therapy

While many people are aware of compression therapy or know someone who wears compression garments, there are many misconceptions about what they are, what they can do, and what they look like. To help give you a clearer idea of what compression garments can actually offer, we’re busting some of the most common myths about compression therapy.

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Myth #1: Only people with medical problems use compression garments

While compression wear can help with certain medical conditions such as diabetes, phlebitis, and venous leg ulcers, they can also be used for everyday wear to simply promote healthy circulation. For instance, compression socks can be very beneficial to people who are required to stand or sit for long periods at work, like nurses, servers, and truck drivers.

Myth #2: You can’t have compression therapy covered with benefits

False! Many providers do cover prescription and over the counter compression products, although many people are unaware that this is the case. Consult your insurance provider to see if you have coverage, or speak with one of our in-store consultants about other possible funding options.

Myth #3: Compression socks are difficult to put on and take off

The technology involved with compression garments has advanced tremendously in recent years, and new materials have made them much more comfortable and functional for everyday life. There is also a number of techniques you can use to keep your compression socks in good working order, such as folding them after wear instead of bunching them up. There are also accessories that can make their application and removal much easier.

Myth #4: Compression socks are ugly

Long gone are the days of being forced to wear gaudy, “medical” looking compression socks. Today, there are a variety of stylish and sleek options available. You can explore a wide range of different colours and patterns we offer either in store or on our website.

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Myth #5: Compression socks are expensive

Compression socks have never been more readily accessible or available in such variety. There is a wide range of over the counter and prescription socks to choose from and the costs can be very reasonable. There are also benefits packages which cover compression socks, so be sure to check with your insurance provider to see if they can help. You can also explore some cost-effective compression solutions on our website, or speak with one of our in-store specialists to explore your options. 
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