Home Modifications

According to Statistics Canada, 20% of Canadians over 65 have a disability that affects their mobility. Many people worry that this means they won’t be able to continue living in their home as they get older and will have to move somewhere that offers specialized care and equipment. However this isn’t necessarily the case, there are many ways that you can modify your home to suit your changing needs as you get older. Let’s look at some of them.


The bathroom

Walk-in bathtubs

Walk-in bathtubs allow you to get into the bath by opening a door in the side of the tub rather than having to step over the side. This makes them a good option for those who struggle with balance and lifting their leg above a certain height.


Raised toilet seats

Raised toilet seats can be helpful if you struggle moving between a standing and a sitting position. They can be particularly helpful if you’ve recently undergone hip surgery.


Bath & shower chairs

Bath and shower chairs allow you to sit while washing and help reduce the risk of slipping.


Grab bars

Grab bars can be installed anywhere in your home, but next to the bath, shower, and toilet are popular places to put them as they offer extra support and give you something to hold if the floor is slippery.


Rubber bathmats

Putting rubber bathmats inside your bathtub or shower can provide extra grip and help you to feel more steady on your feet.



Bed rails

Bed rails allow you to rest easy in the knowledge that you won’t fall out of bed. They also provide support for getting in and out of bed.


Transfer poles

Transfer poles can be installed throughout your home and make getting in and out of bed and a chair easier by providing a support for you to pull yourself up with.


Adjustable beds

If you find it difficult getting up from a lying position, an adjustable bed – which raises and lowers at the touch of a button – could be an option. They’re also good if you want to read or watch TV in bed.


Living Room

Lift chairs

These comfortable armchairs allow you to put your feet up, fully recline, and even help you to stand and sit down. Great for those who find standing and sitting unaided a challenge.



Wider entries

If you use a mobility aid such a wheelchair, mobility scooter, walker, or rollator, you may want to consider widening your doorways to accommodate your aid.



Stairlifts can be a good idea for those who find getting up and down the stairs difficult, as well as for those who are worried about falling.


For people who face mobility challenges, it can feel like you’re losing control of your surroundings. With the right modifications, however, you can continue to enjoy your home for years to come.