Home monitoring for caregivers

As a caregiver, having the ability to keep an eye (or ear) on your loved one or care recipient is of the utmost importance. That’s why it’s so key to have the right equipment on hand to ensure you are always aware of any falls or calls for assistance.
To help with this important aspect of caregiving, we’ve outlined some products that can help you maintain your confidence.


Which tools can help?

While you can’t be with the person you’re caring for 24/7, there are products available to help you make sure they’re not in any need of assistance. Explore some of the products below and more at your local Wellwise By Shoppers™ location.




Door Alert Kits

Created to prevent wandering incidents, door alerts systems and sensors can be placed around your home to warn you if a door has been opened. They also work on cabinets and windows. The warning signal is sent to a pager which notifies you of any incidents.


S.O.S. Pendants

A pendant alert kit will notify you when help is required. The care recipient simply activates the pendant at the push of a button, meaning help can arrive more quickly. These devices can provide lasting peace of mind knowing that they are always in touch.

Motion Censors

Motion alert kits will let you know of any movement in the home and send alerts to your pager if anything is detected. These can help enhance security while keeping an eye on your care recipient at the same time.


Smart Security Cameras

There are a wide variety of stationary video cameras available on the market that can stream directly to your smartphone or computer in real time. Some even have two-way talking, meaning the person you care for is never out of sight and can remain in constant communication.



Need some help?

If you need assistance with home monitoring, please contact or visit one of our locations. Our in-store specialists would be happy to advise you on home monitoring, recommend products, and help you gain lasting peace of mind.