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How to stay active throughout the winter months

How to stay active throughout the winter months

It’s sometimes said that getting older means slowing down and taking it easy, but the opposite is actually true. Staying active as you age is one of the best ways of staying healthy and maintaining your mobility.
Regular exercise may help you improve your balance and lower your risk of falls; get better sleep; reduce stress and anxiety; and so many more benefits!.
Staying active throughout the winter months can be harder than during warmer seasons as we’re less inclined to head outside for a walk or to go to the gym.
We’ve therefore put together a list of exercises that you can easily do from the comfort of home. Each focuses on a different area of the body – so you can exercise from head to toe without having to brave the cold.


At-home exercises for the whole body

Reminder: Always check with your healthcare provider before starting a new exercise regime.


Lateral raises

Lateral raises, also known as side shoulder raises, help you stretch and strengthen your upper arms, shoulders, upper back, and chest.

To do them, stand with your feet planted on the floor hips-distance wide. Hold a weight in your hand with your arm at your side and your palm facing forward. Slowly raise your arm out to the side and up overhead. Bring your arm down the same way and repeat 10 times.

Tip: start with a lower weight and increase the weight as you gain strength and confidence.

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Hula hooping (yes you read that correctly!)

A fun way to add some aerobic exercise into your at-home routine is with a weighted hula hoop, which can provide similar benefits to activities like dancing or brisk walks. As well as being great for your heart, hula hooping can assist in building up your core strength. Just make sure you have enough space so you don’t knock anything over, and check with your doctor first – especially if you have back problems.

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Chair squats (no equipment required)

Moving down to your lower body, chair squats are a fantastic way to strengthen your glutes and thigh muscles, which are essential to helping maintain your ability to get up and down with ease.

To do them, stand in front of a chair facing away from it with your feet hips-width wide. Slowly lower your behind towards the seat of the chair without actually sitting on it. Keep your knees over your ankles and your weight in your heels. Return to standing and repeat for a minimum of 10 times and up to 3 sets. Make sure to go at your own pace and don’t be afraid to work up to a goal you are comfortable with.


Yoga & stretching

Helpful for both body and mind, yoga and light stretching promote flexibility while building muscles throughout the body. Whether you’re a beginner or have been practicing for years, there are many videos available for free online that can help guide you.


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Online programs

For the tech-savvy out there, there are many online services that can help you stay active.


  • Apple Fitness+
    Apple Fitness+ is a fitness service for those who use the Apple Watch. You can choose from a wide range of online classes – with several aimed specifically at older adults – and your Apple Watch will measure metrics such as your heart rate and calories burned.


  • Peloton
    Best known for their exercise bike, Peloton offers online classes in spinning (to go with the bike), as well as yoga, strength training, cardio, and more.


  • Alo Moves
    Alo Moves is for the yoga enthusiasts, it provides a wide catalogue of online yoga and mindfulness classes, balanced out with higher intensity HIIT, core, and pilates sessions.


Staying active throughout the year is a key part of staying healthy, happy, and mobile as you age. We hope these suggestions have inspired you to kick-start your at-home routine.





The information presented in this blog post is designed for educational purposes only. You should not rely on any information on this post as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, or as a substitute for professional counseling care. If you have any concerns or questions about your health, you should always consult with a physician or other healthcare professional.

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