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What to consider before buying a stairlift

What to consider before buying a stairlift

According to the recent National Home Modifications Survey, 78% of Canadians want to age in their own home, but only 26% believe they will be able to do so. Managing the stairs can be one of the biggest obstacles to staying in your home – limited mobility, weakened muscles, and a lack of stability may mean you consider downsizing to a bungalow. If you’re not ready to leave the home you love, installing a stairlift can be an alternative that’s potentially easier and more cost-effective than moving or finding alternative living options.

What are the benefits of a stairlift?

  • Falls are often the most common cause of injuries among Canadians over 65. Stairlifts can help reduce your risk of falling on the stairs and boost your confidence when moving around your home.
  • By helping you stay in your own home for longer, stairlifts can give you more independence and allow you to stay near friends, family, and the community you know.
  • They can help protect your knees from the repeated strain of going up and down the stairs.
  • They can be installed on all types of stairs. Even if you have a staircase with twists and turns, most companies will be able to offer one tailored to your home.
  • Do you also want to access your backyard more easily? There are stairlift options made specifically for outdoor stairs.

What to consider before buying?

Buying a stairlift is a big decision, so here are some tips on what to consider before you buy.

  • Does the company you’re buying from have a good reputation?
    • Check out online reviews of the company to find out about the experiences of previous customers.
  • What features do you need?
    • Different stairlifts have different features, so pay close attention to these. For example, if you have difficulty sitting and standing, a stairlift that allows you to be in a half standing position could be for you.
  • What weight capacity do you need?
    • Check that the model you’re considering has the appropriate capacity.
  • What’s included in the stairlift cost? Is installation included? And what about aftercare?
    • The cost of repairs can add up, so it’s worth it to shop around for a company with a good warranty.
  • Is it better to rent or buy your stairlift?
    • Some companies give you the option to either buy outright or rent your stairlift. So think about which would be the best option for you. If you rent your home or are planning to move soon, renting may be better. If not, it might make more financial sense to buy.
  • New or reconditioned?
    • If you’re on a budget, a pre-owned, reconditioned unit might be something to consider.

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Home Safety Tax Credits

The governments of Ontario and British Columbia have recently introduced tax credits to help seniors and people with disabilities renovate their homes to make them safer and more accessible.

You can learn more about the tax credits and find out whether you’re eligible at the links below.

It is always recommended to speak with a professional accountant or refer to your local government website for eligibility requirements and full details on a regular basis.


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