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Urban Poling Inc ACTIVATOR® Walking Poles

Brand: Urban Poling IncSKU: 894577001016
The patented Urban Poling ACTIVATOR® Walking Poles are designed for balance and taking more pressure off your back and lower joints while walking. For use indoors as well as outdoors. Most commonly used for: pre/post hip & knee replacement surgery, various conditions that impact your balance, varying levels of rehabilitation programs, and much more!

Sale price$109.99


The Urban Poling ACTIVATOR® Walking Poles have been recommended by leading surgeons, physicians and therapists, and were designed by an occupational therapist & gerontologist specifically for rehab and long-term conditions. This unique patented design enhances strengthening, stability and off-loading with your safety in mind.

ACTIVATOR® Walking Poles may be beneficial for pre/post hip & knee replacement surgery, various conditions that impact your balance, varying levels of rehabilitation programs, and much more!

Maximum user weight: 250 lbs (113 kg)

Adjustable to user heights to 6′ (182 cm)

Key Benefits of Urban Poling Walking Poles:

Weight Management: Research shows that urban poling burns 20 to 46 percent more calories than standard walking.

Pain Relief: Walking poles let you offload weight from your hips and knees and into your upper body, helping to reduce pain.

Balance: A constant two-point of contact (one foot and one pole) help decrease your chances of falling.

Core Strengthening: Your abdominal muscles tighten each time you push off with your poles. For example, urban poling 1,000 steps is the equivalent of 1,000 abdominal crunches.

Full-Body Workout: Unlike standard walking, which uses just the lower body muscles, urban poling engages 90 percent of your muscles.

Walking Success: Research shows that walkers who use walking poles walk further, faster and more frequently.

Posture: Your arms and back muscles strengthen with each arm swing and walking pole plant. Your upper back muscles (the ones that pull your shoulder blades together) tighten each time you plant a walking pole and press on the handle.

Cardio Fitness: Urban poling is an energizing activity that is enjoyed by people of all ages and athletic abilities. Simply move faster or slower to modify the intensity.

With this many benefits, what is holding you back from trying Urban Poling Walking Poles? Get moving today!

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